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VacxWallet -Vaccine Recorder, Immunization Record

Save vaccine record by uploading the front and back of your vaccination certificate in vaccine recorder. Vacxwallet record keeper lets you carry immunization certificate.

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Vaccine Recorder App

Are you looking for a new way to save vaccine records without having to carry the paper? Do you want to experience normal living simply by showing proof of immunization certification as needed? Use this vaccine record keeper to maintain a vaccination record, so you can travel and move freely anywhere you like. The app is very easy to use and you can save a lot of hassle and precious time by using this app.

Save Your Vaccine Certificate

Have you ever forgotten your immunization certificate at home and had to go through a disappointing experience?  You can overcome any kind of contact hurdles by showing your vaccination certificate stored digitally in this record keeper app.

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Easy-to-use Vaccine Record Keeper

Unlike other apps, this vaccination recorder is specifically designed to save vaccine records for you. All you need to do create a passcode in the app. create a name for your vaccination, and simply take images to save the front and back of your vaccine certificate in the app.

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Protect your immunization record

Are you afraid of losing your important vaccine record and facing travel or other local contact bans? The only way to prevent such problems is to use a vaccine recorder app designed to save and protect your immunization record. You can set a password on the app to protect the privacy of your vaccination record from others. On top of that, the immunization record saved in this record keeper app will stay safe for years to come.

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